Beautiful Floggers

Made from many kinds of hides, you'll easily find the right one for your needs. We stock all the 'garden-variety' hides you may already be familiar with, but in many more weights and colors than other makers, plus numerous unique and exotic hides you'll find nowhere else. Whether you're a novice to the Scene or already have a flogger collection, we have something you'll want.

Cat O Nines

We make round-braided and flat-braided cats in 3 elegant styles. Our refined kangaroo cats are unique, sleek beauties; the Little Goat and Little Cow Cats are perfect for sensual- to medium-intensity sensation play. Our flat cats, made from bison or bullhide aree the most intense and deliver maximum impact for the heaviest bottoms and play partners.

Our products are made with attention paid to every detail of construction and pride in craftsmanship.

With our 22 year history of hard work, experience and dedication to quality and design innovation, we're your go-to flogger company when you want the best that money can buy. You'll be proud to own and use your floggers in any dungeon, at any play party, when they come from us! We hope you'll give us the chance to prove ourselves to you and earn your trust.

Why Are We So Good?

There are many great reasons you can trust us with your custom: We treat our customers right, we do our work right, run our company right, and we treat the Earth, people, animals, and environment respectfully. We have a strict code of ethics and a holistic philosophy about everything we do.


Our products are hand-made by us, built with innovative technology and state-of-the-art equipment. We spare no effort to be the best at what we do.


We offer a huge selection of floggers and fetish gear, and we'll gladly create custom orders, as well. We offer many options to suit every taste and preference.


We respect the Earth, animals, and people. We only buy hides from countries that prohibit animal abuse and cruelty, human rights abuse, and protect the environment.


We use our own intelligent-design, Italian-built, 25-ton hydraulic press to cut every tail perfectly and uniformly. Hand cut tails can't come even close to ours!


We pay close attention to every detail of all our great products, as we make them. There's no guess-work, and our quality standards are always sky-high!


Every customer will always get the utmost in style, service, selection, and confidentiality. Every customer is a VIP to us and gets personalized attention.


We are committed to what we do and how we do it - every day, every hour, every minute. Leather has been our life for two decades, and we love it!


Our handles feature handsome, sensitive colors and traditional and specialty patterns to suit every taste. Twenty patterns and over 20 colors of kangaroo lace.


Our hides are hand-selected by our trained representative at our supplier's warehouse. Beautiful top grain pattern, struck-through dyes, no flaws or blemishes.


Our floggers and fetish gear are designed for sleek, stylish good looks that you can be proud to own and use, in the bedroom or the dungeon. No "dead animals on a stick"!


Happy Tails, and our customers, are at the top of our personal "totem poles". We know what's important - we don't have any slackers on our team!


Easy ordering, speedy production, and rapid delivery to your doorstep. Other flogger makers take weeks to fill your order, but not with us!